India 2010 Crusades, Pastor’s Conference & Bible College Graduation

In February 2010 we held a crusade and pastor’s conference in Orissa India.  We planned for only 250 pastors in only a months notice.  Over 500 pastors and several hundred women and children arrived for our services.  Our food did not run out even though we purchased food for only 250 guests. 

The last night of the crusade God’s presence showed up in an awesome way.  I preached on the name of Jesus but first preached on who’s Son He was.  I went through the names of God to clarify which God I was talking about.  The atmosphere broke that night when we gave them the truth of God and in what power Jesus brings.  Many miracles, healing’s and deliverance happened that night.

Today hundreds show up to the crusades ground praying and waiting for His presence. The entire state of Orissa was effected by our event. Pastors, businessmen and politicians from all over the state are constantly calling our ministry office’s in India daily wanting to be a part of our work.

Help us continue this work in India by supporting monthly our native missionaries, pastors, bible college students & orphans. Also by sponsoring a crusade night, building on our ministry ground or purchasing a vehicle.

Please pray about the three acres of ministry ground that we purchased to develop.  We can build a huge campus on this ground over the next few years.

We will be back in October 2010 please pray to be a part of this event by sponsoring a night or a pastor.  We are expecting 1,000 pastors with families to attend the conference and thousands to attend the crusade.

God has opened a door for us to build the body of Christ in India.  He is directing us to visit twice a year for a month holding 3 night crusades and 3 day pastors conferences through out India.  Please join us in this work to spread the Gospel.

David Yanez Ministries


India Crusade 2010